The Healthiest Counties in Georgia

Once again, living OTP has its benefits — 3 out of the top 5 healthiest counties in Georgia are OTP. Not coincidentally, they also happen to be some of the wealthiest areas in the state, as well as having the highest ranked public schools.

According to a study from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute, the ten healthiest counties in Georgia are:

  1. Forsyth County
  2. Oconee County
  3. Cherokee County
  4. Fayette County
  5. Gwinnett County
  6. Columbia County
  7. Cobb County
  8. Harris County
  9. Paulding County
  10. Coweta County

Forsyth County’s statistics include an 11 percent uninsured rate vs. 16 percent statewide; low rates of premature deaths, teen births and STDs; and just 7 percent of children living in poverty, vs. 23 percent statewide.

The study took into account access to medical care, the uninsured rate, the number of children living in poverty, transportation and education. The study found that the unhealthiest counties were in the southern part of the state in rural areas. Thank you to the Patch for the sharing the original article.

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