DIY projects are popping up everywhere — stores, social media, publications and events. From bird feeders and planters to stepping stones and string art, the long list of projects goes on and on. Luckily for us, we have Pinspiration to help us out!

Inspired by her own fascination with all-things-crafty, Booke Roe, founder and CEO of Pinspiration, opened her first store in Phoenix, AZ. Her ideas and inspiration came from craft-focused websites, including Pinterest, but she wanted to help others make those inspiring pins and that led her to start her own business.

A second store is now open in Vickery Village in Cumming. The hip studio allows customers access to a variety of projects – with all supplies available in one place. Customers can create their own idea or choose from the project menus available, some of which are based on the most popular “pinned” social media project and current craft trends. And to make things a little more fun, Pinspiration has its own wine/beer bar and party room. Everyone in the group can work on something different at the same time because they provide the supplies and tutoring for each project.

A most popular room is the Splatter Room, where participants can let their imagination run with colorful paint and a canvas. Pinspiration provides protective gear, shower caps, booties, and coveralls while you fling paint around in this splatte room. Sounds cool right? Call 470-253-7251 to make reservations for this one-of-a-kind fun experience.

In addition, Pinspiration Georgia is launching a new craft show on AIB Network! The series premiere of ‘Craft Your Imagination’ airs Wednesday, March 21. Their first guest crafter is Rachael with Cumming Local. Tune in each week for more projects by the Pinspiration team.

Look for their new product line of edible fondant cupcake and cookie toppers.

Classes are also available throughout the year, for adults, kids, and groups. Pinspiration is a playful venue, where enthusiasm is coupled with motivation. At any time, you can walk in to the studio, or schedule a reservation and choose your own DIY project.

For more information about Pinspiration visit their website. Updates on classes, camps, and special events are listed on their Facebook page such as Mother’s Day and summer camp. To book reservations, holiday parties, splatter dates, and birthday parties, or have other questions or inquiries email

Pinspiration Georgia
5806 N. Vickery St. Suite J11
Cumming, Georgia 30040

Contributing information from Julie Brennan, who is the editor of My Forsyth Magazine and is a Scoop OTP contributor.

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