Studio Movie Grill shows movies with a twist. You can order drinks and restaurant style food (or get traditional movie fare) while watching the movie in comfortable chairs. This is perfect for Forced Family Fun, Girls Night, Date Night…the movie dictates the decision!

Push a button and the server will quietly bring you a drink during the movie or grab it at the bar before you sit down. If you thought the movie choice was tough, the beverage selection is an extensive array of alcoholic and non alcoholic choices.

The menu is also diverse with build your own appetizers, fabulous salad choices, healthy options like turkey or black bean burgers, gourmet pizza your way with a gluten-free crust option, and a kids menu. And of course, it isn’t a movie without popcorn and candy! You eat at your seat in comfy chairs and watch a great movie on the big screen.

Studio Movie Grill offers great specials Monday through Thursday to help keep the cost in check. Keep this place in mind for a business event as it is a great place for presentations with stadium seating, sound systems, and assorted savory food. They also offer different movie choices, documentaries, concerts, and musicals that are not shown in the normal theaters.

Now, if they can only pause the movie for me while I rush to the restroom, it would be perfect.

This review information was provided by a trusted friend and fellow scooper.