Spirited Boutique

Spirited Boutique is a Bohemian Style Boutique that takes clothing, jewelry and shoes and transforms fashion into an art. The owner — named Spirit — grew up in Australia and has had an eye for fashion since she was little. She and her husband run both locations in Woodstock and Roswell, participate in 35 art shows a year and sell to over 200 galleries.

Spirited Scoop OTP

There is a wide variety of fashion to choose from that is appealing to teenagers and adults. The jewelry in the store is from all around the world and local artists as well. I love that 80% of their merchandise is also made in the USA. My daughter and I are regular shoppers at the Roswell location, and I find that there is something for every budget.

Spirited Scoop OTPThe store carries a variety of unique items, and I am one to want what is different from everyone else. They have a punch card too, so every time you come in and purchase you collect a punch for discounts periodically. I don’t know if I am proud to say I’ve gotten to know the staff or not, since that means I am there too often! I don’t have to purchase every time, but I love to see the items that they get in frequently, and to get ideas for wearing what I already have. Spirited has taken Boho Chic to a new level. Spirited is located in the heart of downtown Roswell and in the heart of downtown Woodstock.

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If you like the Spirited style, check out Bohemia and Sis & Moon in Alpharetta.


Located at: 8670 Main Street in Woodstock and  977 Canton Street in Roswell

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