Seoul Food Opening in March

The owners of KPOP bbq and bar are opening Seoul Food, a fast-casual restaurant in the same plaza. Customers can customize a plate or a bibimbap bowl by choosing between a variety of meat including; beef, chicken, pork, and for an additional charge, shrimp.
The plate and bibimbap bowl options also include rice, vegetables, and many other choices. They are also featuring an add on menu which includes, dumplings, ramen, Kimbap, which is a korean styled roll, rice cakes, and omurice, which is fried rice covered inside an egg omelette.
Seoul food is set to open on March 15th.  Located at 1105 Parkside Ln, Woodstock, Ga 30189 STE 1208.


Also, if you like KPOP, they are opening a sister restaurant in May called Thrill Korean Steak and Bar. It be located in The Exchange at Hammond Shopping Center in Sandy Springs. Thrill Korean Steak and Bar is an all you can eat Korean BBQ. What differentiates Thrill compared to KPOP is the ambiance. Thrill will be a more classy interior design whereas KPOP is more of a “poppy” and “trendy” atmosphere to go along with a KPOP themed. Thrill will also not have KPOP music playing. Thrill is just under 10,000 square feet, which is plenty of room to seat customers during busy nights, as well as host large reservations and company events.  Located at 5958 Roswell Rd. Sandy Springs, Ga. 30328.