Old Mill Park in Roswell

During the summer we all love to get wet and wild to cool off from the hot temperatures however, I know I get tired of going to my same community pool all the time. Well not anymore, OTPers because there is a new “pool” in town — Old Mill Park, or more commonly known as Roswell Mill.

Although it is not a pool and it is actually quite old, it is a very fun and different place to take the family on a hot summer’s day.

covered bridge at roswell millOld Mill Park began construction in 1839 and throughout many many years has turned into a recreational park open to the public all throughout the year. Located on 85 Mill Street in Roswell, GA, you will see two of the more famous things the park is known for, the covered bridge and huge waterfall. Both are great for prime picture taking and also splashing around.

As a teenager I am always looking for something fun to do with my friends but on a budget. This is where Roswell Mill comes in. I don’t have to go to the neighborhood pool for the billionth time but I also don’t have to spend lots of money to go to White Water. It’s a win-win.

historic building at roswell millIf you aren’t into the swimming scene of Roswell Mill then you can still take a hike (or just a walk) on some of the many trails in the park. If you follow the path that begins on the covered bridge you will eventually be lead to the Chattahoochee River trail system. By no means am I an outdoorsy hiker but I did really enjoy walking around and seeing the pretty falls and greenery.

Whether you are outdoorsy or not this place is definitely worth a visit. If you are going to take some pretty pictures, swim around in the falls, or hike the trails, you and you family are sure to have a fun time! I know I will be back very soon with friends to have a picnic and probably another time to snap some senior pictures!

95 Mill View Ave, Roswell

Megan is an upcoming senior. She started to think about what to do for her senior project, and decided to do something a little out of her comfort zone and see where it would lead. So here she is writing, but writing about things 100% in her comfort zone. As a retail employee, she is obsessed with all the new trends in fashion, and as a typical high schooler, she is always looking for something to do. So she decided to write about her findings and share the Scoop on being a senior.

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