Mashamalama Studio 23

I’m always on the hunt for the perfect inexpensive gift that will make my friends say “Wow!” Well, I found it when I came across the online store Mashamalama Studio 23 — personalized reusable Starbucks cups with the elusive under $10.00 price point!

Mashamalama Scoop OTPThe quality is perfect and it will be one of my go-to gifts from now on. Mashamala also offers many other personalized items such as umbrellas, license plates, and more.

Mashamalama Scoop OTPThis online store was created out of love — love for her sick son, Caiden, who was diagnosed with mitochondrial disease. When I heard Mashanda and her husband Mike’s story, I wanted to share it with our Scoop fans because it’s an inspirational tale of a woman who created a business that she could manage from her house, while taking care of her now ten-year-old son.

Mashamalama Scoop OTPTo help with their major medical expenses, Mashanda was doing graphic designs for companies but then had an “ah-ha” moment of making her own personalized items and selling them herself.

The company name stems from a college nickname.

“It’s definitely not a boring name and with my graphic designs and my products, I try to create fun things that really STAND OUT in a crowd – like the crazy name Mashamalama!”

There is not one specific item that stands out as a top seller. People simply love personalized items, she said.

“So many of us have unique names that we can’t find on anything anywhere. Custom monograms, custom sayings, quotes, business info, ball teams, family stuff…anything you can think of…put on products where you can choose the colors, sizes, everything…it is pretty awesome to sell those products.”

Mashamalama can work for you, your business, sports teams or more. Follow her Facebook page and website for her latest ideas. She is truly grateful for her customers; their family has a great spirit and sense of humor, as Caiden’s service pig is called Chris P. Bacon! This company is Scoop Approved!

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