Maple Street Biscuits

Now open!

The Jacksonville, Florida based restaurant chain enters the Georgia market in the Parson’s Alley area of downtown Duluth. Maple Street Biscuits has ten southeast locations with all of them in Florida except Chattanooga. They began serving breakfast and lunch in 2012.

The location is the home of a 1948 First Baptist Church of Duluth. The menu is centered around various types of biscuit sandwiches, such as The Five, which includes a chicken breast, pecan wood smoked bacon, cheddar cheese and sausage gravy in a flaky biscuit. There is a variant on The Five, called The Five and Dime, which adds a fried egg to the mix. They offer a healthy version called The Iron Goat with spinach and a decadent version laced with syrup called The Sticky Maple. Lindsey Smith, the Community Leader of the Duluth store said:

Lindsey Smith, the Community Leader of the Duluth store said:

As far as what to get if you are a first timer, I have to recommend our BAM Yo Yo! This is our verson of Chicken and Waffles. We say our food is “comfort food with a modern twist,” so this is not your traditional Chicken and Waffles. Ours are brown butter, vanilla bean waffles with pecan wood smoked bacon and Asiago cheese baked inside, topped with our homemade honey butter, with two pieces of all natural fried chicken breast on the side.

Maple Street Biscuits operates on four guiding principles:

  • Comfort Food with a Modern Twist
  • Gracious Service
  • Immaculately Clean Store
  • Sustainable Business

Their goal is to make a difference in their community and serve the best flaky biscuit. I am sure our food editor Joe Duffy can work in a biscuit before trying his favorite Duluth spot: O4W Pizza. We will have to wait until they open in the fall though for his review and they are closed on Sunday. Follow us on Facebook for the latest updates.

They are open from 7am-2pm MondayThursday, and 7am-3pm Friday and Saturday. Closed on Sundays.
The location of our Duluth store is
3550 W. Lawrenceville St.
Suite 210 Duluth, GA 30096