Local Natural Health Stores

Vitamins Scoop OTPAsk any healthcare worker in Georgia, and they will tell you it has been a terrible flu season.

Colds and viruses are running rampant through the general population as well. Pair  that with the fact that it’s a new year, full of goals to eat better, be healthier, and at least attempt to be aware of your overall health and well being, and I have found myself in some natural health stores looking for answers.

health4(Forewarning: I’m not an expert. Please do not take this as expert advice on your health.) But when I’ve been out with an ailment and antibiotics have not helped, I start to get desperate. So I decided to go to a few health stores to see if there were any magical remedies for what ailed me.

If you’re feeling at end of your rope, or maybe you’re just in the mood to try something new, here’s a list of some of the best natural health stores we could find OTP. These stores carry everything from food to basic vitamins and supplements, essential oils, and healing crystals.

Natural Market Scoop OTPHarvest Moon Natural Market: 3725 Sixes Road, Canton. Harvest Moon. Carries specialty groceries, vitamins, essential oils, books and magazines, and even pet products.

The Herb Shop Healing Center: 161 Jackson Street, Holly Springs. The Herb Shop Healing Center offers trained professional to assist you with Reiki massage, crystal healing, reflexology, and nutritional response testing.

Good Nutrition: Multiple locations in Woodstock, Marietta, Roswell and Johns Creek. Good Nutrition offers a selection of natural and organic grocery items, high quality vitamins and supplements and herbs, essential oils and earth-friendly household products.

Harry’s Farmers Market: Multiple OTP locations. Harry’s has long been the go-to resource for organic, sustainable food, but they also carry a huge selection of vitamins, supplements and natural, organic body care items.

health3The Herb Shop by the Square: 44 Mill Street, Marietta.  This adorable little shop carries vitamin, oils and services that include reflexology, ionic foot baths and quantum indigo biofeedback to determine your individual needs.

Let us know if you have any other local natural health stores. We love the feedback. And, if you happen to check out any of these stores, tell them Scoop sent you!