Hiking A Mountain Really Can Be Fun

Once in while, you get a Saturday that we don’t have any sports games, birthday parties, or household chores to do (it’s rare, but it does happen!). A day like this is a great opportunity for what I like to call Forced Family Fun.

On our most recent of these Saturdays, my family and I went to Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park. After living in this area for 13 years now, I am very glad that we finally made this a family outing.

You don’t have to be a Civil War buff to enjoy the free museum that sits at the base of Kennesaw Mountain. The museum thoroughly covers the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain, as well as other key events of the Civil War. And Kennesaw Mountain is a wonderful hike in itself – even for a non-hiker like this scooper! Not up to the uphill? No worries, there is a shuttle bus that can take you to the top of the mountain, where you will be able to see great views of Downtown Atlanta or even Stone Mountain.

The park has several scheduled times for artillery demonstrations as well if that is something your family is interested in. It was a beautiful experience, and educational too! Plus, you can’t beat the price of free entertainment for your whole family!