HoneyButter Boutique

honeybutterThe perfect Scoop situation presented itself. My son had lacrosse practice in Sweet Apple Park in Roswell for two hours, and at such a distance from my house there wasn’t enough time to return home. Instead of my usual rushing into Trader Joes, I took some time to check out the entire shopping center. I recognized the store HoneyButter; they used to have a location in Woodstock. This Roswell location is now their last retail shop, and it is such a great store that I had to scoop it and share with our fans, since we love to support independent retail outlets.

The store is stocked with fashionable and trendy clothing and jewelry. If you are one of those shoppers who can think ahead and buy spring clothes when it is 25 degrees out, you can really maximize their sale racks.


I had a great chat with Haley, one of the sales representatives, and she informed me that some of their merchandise comes from the Atlanta mart. But most of it is from a special distributor out of California. Many of the products lend themselves to the younger buyers, similar to what you might find at Dress Up. But I definitely saw some accessories and shirts that were appropriate for my age.


I liked the way their jewelry was displayed; on Twitter they refer to it as The Necklace Bar. It showcased a great and varied selection, yet I wasn’t overwhelmed by my options. I have a tendency to shut down when there are too many choices, and I can’t make a purchase or decide. But in this store, the styles I liked popped out immediately to me.

Right next store to HoneyButter is the award winning Cakes by Darcy. The cakes were beautiful, the cupcakes I tasted were delicious, and I couldn’t believe how packed they were in the short 15 minutes I was there. And on the other end of this shopping center is Your Pie, a fast casual and tasty pizza place that we scooped over a year ago.

So, next time you find yourself with some time to kill in Roswell, check out our scoop approved places!

HoneyButter Boutique is located at: 132 West Crossville Road, Roswell. (770) 992-5288