Gypsy Rose Live Music Venue Still Needs Funding

Downtown Roswell is about to join the ranks with a privately owned devoted live music venue, but they still need community help.

Brittany Crooms, Owner and Managing Director of Gypsy Rose Music, has started the process by securing a building and a liquor license. In hercrowdfunding IndiGoGo campaign she said:

Roswell does not currently have a venue devoted specifically to original, live music… so the seed was planted. The more this plan grew, the more the community came together to support the idea, demonstrating a high demand for this type of establishment in our community. The support and positive feedback from Roswell citizens and business owners has been overwhelming, not only on social media, but in person as well. The general consensus is that we can’t open fast enough!

They have secured a location at 964 Alpharetta Street, previously A Classy Clutter, and they are currently renovating. But they still need help as the building is from 1948. Crooms said:

The building is pretty old (1948) and the initial estimates from various builders were significantly lower than what really needs to happen to make our vision a reality. The most notable being structural items we could not see that are forcing us to add numerous steel supports and build new cement walls, which adds up quickly. Our sprinkler system is about 25k and there are several issues with the electrical, HVAC and plumbing. It is a very old building, so we expected some of this, just not nearly as much as what’s adding up.

In addition, she said:

In order to enrich and unite our community through the art of music, we need to raise funds which will go directly towards necessary building renovations costing upwards of $150,000. The interior requires full renovation to optimize the music experience for both our patrons and our musicians. This includes custom stage and lighting, state of the art sound system, 24ft custom bar, new flooring, electrical, HVAC, sprinkler system, and additional insulation for optimal sound. On the exterior, we will build a new deck and landscaping for enjoying food, beverage and music outside.

Gypsy Rose Music Roswell is not just centered around top notch live performances, they also know a great time is encapsulated by the entire experience from start to finish. So whether you’d like to enjoy a meal from food trucks during the show, or grab a post-performance snack, you can’t go wrong with their culinary treats. And of course, delicious local craft beer on tap and skillfully crafted cocktails for all to enjoy.

Joining their crowdfunding campaign is a great way to secure a seat and help them renovate the building. If you have ever tried to get tickets at Madlife Stage and Studios in Woodstock, the popular shows always sell out fast!

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