Father’s Day Gadget Gift Guide

I know my Dad is always inquiring about the latest app, the best streaming service or new features for his iPhone, but typically a man’s love of new gadgets and technology runs deeper than that. Overall, 52% of adults say they “feel more comfortable using familiar brands and products,” when it comes to technology and 39% describe themselves as preferring to wait until they hear about others’ experiences before trying new technology themselves. If you don’t want your Dad peeking over someone’s shoulder looking at a friend or colleague’s new smartphone, tablet or travel accessory, you’ve come to the right place.

Don’t go searching blindly for that perfect ‘techy’ gift for a Dad that lives OTP, here are some of Rick’s suggestions:

Etymotic’s mk5 Isolator Earphones

If Dad needs a break from everyday outside noise, Etymotic’s mk5 Isolator Earphones are a great idea. The newest addition to the company’s high-fidelity Isolator earphone series, an extension of its original 6i earphones feature Etymotic’s renowned soundquality and the Isolator Earphones are a great choice for today’s active lifestyles. They tune out ambient noise, so every detail in the music can be heard. These low-profile, in-ear earphones fit comfortably under hats and helmets and are ideal for commuting, travel and sporting activities. At just $64.95.

Club Champion Golf

Give Dad the gift of a club fitting at Club Champion Golf. There is a location right in Sandy Springs where he will be led step-by-step through a process where he will learn about his game. This is an opportunity to see which equipment will help in getting the most out of what he needs and wants on the course.

There are seven different fitting options from a single club to the entire bag. Count on spending at least an hour to fit a single club. And up to four hours for an entire bag. Creating the perfect clubs to match your swing takes time, but it’s worth it to help improve your game. The pros and fitters at Club Champion will dissect your game and get the right equipment in your hands. Club Champion offers more than 35,000 hittable head and shaft combinations for Dad to try.

HONOUR™ Essentials Skin and Shave Products

HONOUR™ Essentials is a collection of skin, shave products whose secret ingredient is Costa Rican coffee oil that is sustainably sourced and elegantly and ethically made for the discerning man. The rich coffee is also sold to complete the morning experience. Created by brothers and business partners, Jerad and Matt Poling, HONOUR’s “transformative ritual” is centered around the richly derived benefits of the coffee bean and maximized in two primary ways:

First, as a defining ingredient in a three-step skincare process—WAKE Exfoliating Rinse, PREP Shave Well Cream and TEND Revitalizing Moisturizer.

Second, as deliciously roasted BREW coffee. Pure to form, all products are free of parabens, sulfates, and other harmful chemicals.

It’s a quality product, with sustainability being a common theme throughout the entire brand.  The heirloom-quality Keep Good canister is comprised of eco-friendly materials like reclaimed aluminum and Refills consist of pressed sugar cane pulp, so one can live in the modern world without damaging the planet. The coffee beans utilized in all HONOUR products are grown, handpicked, and sorted on family-owned farmland rooted in the lush mountainous hills of Costa Rica.  Also, 1% of gross revenues go to organizations that protect the environment. Get Dad something he wouldn’t get for himself.

Good Cigar Co

Don’t just buy any cigar, buy a good cigar. a premium cigar is a clever gift, but how does the average shopper know what’s good? Good Cigar Co. has the answer in a stylish and affordable package, just in time for Father’s Day and graduation season.

Since their 2017 launch, Atlanta-based Good Cigar Co. has been simplifying the overwhelming process of choosing and enjoying the occasional cigar. Their stylish, portable essentials kit has become popular with gift-givers and cigar aficionados alike. Affordable at just $30, cigar lovers get two custom-curated, top-shelf cigars, a double-guillotine cigar cutter, matches, and detailed tasting notes, all in a humidity-sealed portable pouch that keeps cigars in perfect condition for months. Fans of the brand include country music star Thomas Rhett, Garden & Gun magazine, and Gear Patrol. And it’s not just men who love cigars these days – as symbols of power and success, Good Cigar Co. has seen a fascinating uptick in women’s embrace of the stogie over the past year.

AnySharpUSA Sharpeners

AnySharpUSA.com line of sharpeners, including Knife Sharpeners, Smart Scissors, Pocket Knife Sharpener, Mini Chopper, Graters and there is even a sharpener for Dad with a green thumb , in the Multi-Tool Sharpener.

Check out the “World’s Best” Knife Sharpener for $22, as it offers Dad the choice of colors to match his unique style, including Citrus Zest, Cream, Metal, Orange Zest, Pink Cream, Pistachio Cream, Racing Green, Royal Blue and Royal Red. For those that like to spend time in the kitchen, AnySharp also offers a Pro CHEF Sharpener for $30 that is recommended by Chef Jamie Oliver as a must-have and available in sleek colors of Brass, Copper and Wolf.

The Outdoor Dad will appreciate the Outdoors Knife Sharpener with Firestick ($24.99) – professional knife sharpener for any pocket knife or tactical knife with integrated firestick and striker to help light a fire or the Multi-Tool Sharpener ($18.00) a two-in-one sharpener that allows for rejuvenating almost any knife or tool, including gardening tools!

Bridgestone Tour B XS Golf Balls

The golf balls Tiger Woods uses make a great gift for the Dad golfer. Get a box for $49 that has the name “TIGER” stamped on the ball. That will surely turn a few heads when Dad heads out to the course with ghis golf buddies. Plus, if he loses a ball in the weeds or trees, it will be easily identifiable as “Tiger’s ball.”

Corona Beach Collection

Just in time for Dad and the warmer weather, Reef has an exclusive collaboration collection with Corona, now available online.The collaboration of the two iconic beach brands will include seven new Reef products for both men and women, detailed with Corona’s iconic imagery, and – of course – all sandals in the collection will feature the signature bottle opener on the bottom for easy drinking. Any would make a great gift and all at prices starting around $35.

GoGolf GPS

You have the balls and the clubs, now it’s time to get around the course with the help of an $89 device. The GoGolf GPS is your new golf partner! It is unlike other rangefinders, as it audibly/verbally announces the distance to the center of the green and can even call out the distance of your last shot, at the touch of a button. This Bluetooth unit connects directly to the innovative GoGolf GPS app on your smartphone, so you never have to worry about taking out your phone while you’re in the fairway or stuck in the rough. With access to all the information needed for more than 30,000 global golf courses, you will always know your distance to the pin.

Lucky Tackle Box

Lucky Tackle Box is the No. 1 fishing subscription box in America, where you can sign Dad up and receive a monthly package full of the hottest lures, tackle and products in the sport fishing industry. The perfect Dad gift as the Lucky Tackle Box ships once amonth, with each box packed all the necessary fishing goodies an angler might need.

LTB has 10 different boxes for species ranging from Bass to Walleye, Trout to Fly Fishing and they start at $15.99 per month.

ThrowGolf Flauncher

The ThrowGolf Flauncher looks similar to a typical golf club, with a 44-inch graphite shaft and grip, but instead of a traditional metal club head, the Flauncher features a custom designed plastic head that holds the golf ball in place until it is “Flaunched.” It is used with overhead throwing motion by the player. The ThrowGolf Flauncher was designed to make the game of golf easier and more accessible for anyone limited by the physical or skill-based constraints of traditional golf and is widely accepted on courses nationwide. It’s great for taking out in wide open spaces or on the course. Dad will have fun “flaunching.”

Rick Limpert is an Atlanta-based writer that covers the intersection of sports and technology. You can follow him on Twitter at @RickRoswell.