Dulce Artisan Gelato Opening Soon

After reading this shop’s story in the Cure Childhood Cancer’s newsletter, I am looking forward to supporting this new Dulce Artisan Gelato businesses in downtown Woodstock at 440 Chambers Street.

First of all, there is a happy ending. The reason Arpad (owner and father) created this businesses is because when his daughter was diagnosed with cancer, she had terrible mouth sores from the chemotherapy. Her parents tried to give her ice cream, but milk-based ice cream didn’t help. She did seem to get some temporary relief from sucking on popsicles, and this gave Arpad an idea.

“We knew the popsicles only gave her short-term relief. I read about the benefits of ginger for helping to ease some of the side effects of chemotherapy. This made me wonder if we could create 100% natural sorbets infused with ginger,” he said excitedly. “That is where my idea for Dulce was born!”

For more details, check out the original article. We are pleased to report that Little Naomi is doing well!

Dulce Gelato is handcrafted in small batches using traditional artisan production techniques. No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives for them. Dulce is committed to raising the bar in quality and flavor combinations. They serve traditional American flavors along with some Italian ones like Nutella, and they will offer Southern flavors like toasted pecan and Georgia peach.

More importantly, Dulce will fight for children with cancer. Follow their Facebook page for the grand opening and September big give-back day with proceeds going to research.

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