Diner Bakery Company

Diner Bakery Company

Diner Bakery Company

The Diner Bakery Company opened in July, and we had every intention of taking our kids and enjoying a good old fashioned fountain soda float. Besides, having your children with you at an establishment like Diner Bakery makes justifying multiple desserts so much easier! But alas, July passed and we never made it. So Suzanne and I went by ourselves on a regular Wednesday.

To our surprise, the parking lot on this Wednesday at lunch hour was packed —  we were worried we wouldn’t even get a seat! Upon speaking to the hostess, she stated that every day at lunch was this crowded, if not more. But even with the crowd, we were seated within 10 minutes. (And 10 minutes was all I needed to fully assess the dessert case and admire the baked goods.)

Diner Bakery Company

The atmosphere in Diner Bakery Company is fun and energetic, and feels like an old school diner without all the grease. The menu is what you would hope to see in a diner; page after page of offerings that make deciding on just one a challenge.

Diner Bakery CompanyBeing that this was lunch, we both opted for salads — of which there were multiple choices. I know, it’s boring, but we had to attempt a healthy lunch knowing that dessert was such a likely option. That being said, I hope to go back soon with either my husband or teenage son so that they can partake in some of the other yummy menu items, like the donut cheeseburger, the waffle with bacon bits, or one of the gyros.

We did try two of their cakes: chocolate and strawberry. Both were delicious! And something that made it to my ‘next time’ list: Adult Milkshakes.

We spoke with owner Billy Liakakos briefly, as he was very busy feeding the lunch crowd. He was very humbled by the positive response that he has received thus far with Diner Bakery Company, and hopes for it to continue.

Diner Bakery Company also has a private room in the rear of the restaurant that can hold up to 50 people, so consider trying them for your next meeting or party. They also have a fun, round booth that holds about 8 people that you can reserve for your next night out.

Diner Bakery is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They are located at 3150 Cobb Parkway in Kennesaw. 

*Scoop OTP was compensated for this meal, but not this review. Enjoy!