Apricot Lane Boutique Opening in Adair Park Woodstock

We wrote this article back about new places coming in 2/1/22 and now Apricot Lane is opening on Thursday, May 4 at 61 Linton Street in downtown Woodstock at Adair Park.

Adair Park is excited to announce their first retail shop partner is a national brand – Apricot Lane Boutique –  owned by a local Woodstock resident Katie Koudele. As Dr. Eric and proprietor/franchisee Katie Koudele sat and discussed the new boutique, they spoke about what inspired Katie to open a franchise in downtown Woodstock.

“I am from Woodstock, and I have lived most of my life here in Towne Lake, graduated from Etowah High School, and have seen Woodstock grow into what it is today. I researched close to 50 women’s clothing boutiques, and we really became committed after seeing this brand, and getting to know their clothes.” This makes a lot of sense when you read about the style focus of their national boutiques.

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