Amazon Store Opening OTP has announced that it will be opening one of its pop-up shops at Northpoint Mall later this year.

There are several Amazon stores already on the west coast, as Amazon headquarters are in Seattle. amazon_retail_store1According to Tomorrow’s News Today, the store can be described as:

Amazon Pop-Up, where you can test drive and buy Kindle e-Readers, Fire tablets, Amazon Fire TV, and Echo. Complete your purchase with a wide assortment of accessories, and Amazon gift cards.

Why Northpoint mall? Unsure, but the fact that there is an Apple Store in that mall may be a reason, since the Kindle is a direct competitor.

Don’t cancel your Amazon Prime account just yet. It doesn’t sound like you will be able to go into this store and have access to the millions of products that Amazon carries, but if you need service for your Kindle, you are in luck.

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