Five Restaurants Proposed OTP by Krog Street Market Developer

The developer of the Krog Street Market in Atlanta is bringing a similar concept to Westside Parkway near Haynes Bridge Road area according to the Awesome Alpharetta website.

Developer George Banks is proposing five restaurants around a central courtyard patio on a site at the intersection of Westside Parkway and Rainwater Drive. The proposed site is the where The Varsity was located. They closed its Alpharetta location on Feb. 1, 2016 after being open for 12 years.

Each restaurant would be self-sufficient, and four of the five have been leased, Banks said. The restaurant store fronts would face the courtyard. One restaurant would have 4,000 square feet, another 2,800 square feet. The smallest restaurant would be 1,000 square feet, for an ice cream shop.  According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, one would be a breakfast/lunch place that would close at 2 pm.

Visit the City of Alpharetta Facebook page for more images.

The conceptual site plan was approved with the condition that Banks is to return and present specific samples, colors and choice of final site plan at a Jan. 20 meeting.
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