Flu season lasts from October until May with most cases seen from December through February. Flu symptoms consist primarily of fever, headache, myalgias (muscle pain), and cough, and in rare cases can result in pneumonia or even death. “Therefore, it is very important to get the flu vaccine early,” said Dr. Jeffrey Donohue.

Flu shots are recommended for everyone from six months of age and up. It is especially important for those who have chronic disease, are pregnant, or are young to be vaccinated.

One should not get the vaccine if allergic to eggs, since it is made with an egg protein. Others who should not get the flu shot are those who have had a severe reaction to the vaccine in the past.

Remember to get the vaccine as soon as possible because it takes two weeks to build up immunity.


Jeffrey A. Donahue earned his medical degree from Louisiana State University (LSU) in 1992 and completed his residency in Family Practice at the University of Alabama College of Community Health Services in 1995. Dr. Donohue received the Resident Excellence in Teaching Award in 1994 and was the Chief Resident in 1994-1995. He was Board Certified as a Diplomate by the American Board of Family Practice in 1995.  Currently, he is the National Medical Director at NexSlim and he is a physician at BridgeMill Family Medical Associates in Canton.