What’s Your Motivation?

Wellness expert Deb Kent wants to know: What’s your motivation for your 2014 goals?

changeI was on a conference call with some coaching colleagues the other day and we were discussing motivation. Specifically, what motivates an individual to initiate a change in his or her life. We had many different opinions.

One coach believes that fear is the most powerful motivator. Fear is not always a bad thing; fear of losing one’s health or ability to function can be quite a stimulus.

Another coach shared his story of a client who stubbornly refused to let “those [blank] cigarettes rule my life!” as he began his journey to smoking cessation.

Other comments included competitiveness, wanting to set an example for others, and a true desire for self-improvement.

motivationWhatever the trigger for motivation is, one thing is clear: Motivation is a strong and powerful feeling. It’s that fire in your belly that pushes you outside of your comfort zone. You have to really want the end result you are working toward. What would you like to change in 2014? Are you motivated to make that change?

Here’s an idea: Think about your past successes. We have all had them — it can be anything. A class you took, a career move, a relationship change or any other success. Then take out your iPad, tablet, phone or go old school and use an index card to write down what you felt when you decided to create that successful change.

Now think about what you would like to change today. What will you use to light the fire in your belly now? Got it? Good! Now  go do it! I would love to hear about your successes and motivators. I am also available to help you explore your motivation to change. Please feel free to contact me with any questions at wellnesslifemanagement@gmail.com or 404-436-1244.

Deb Kent’s career includes more than 20 years in the medical field and allied health education. She received training through Wellcoaches School, the only wellness coaching program recognized by the American College of Sports Medicine. Her experience, training and degree in Applied Behavioral Science provide a solid foundation for coaching. To create your wellness plan, contact her at wellnesslifemanagement@gmail.com or 404-436-1244. She welcomes any questions about your own challenges in wellness and enjoys hearing about your own definitions of wellness and how you integrate wellness into your life.