What’s the IV Solution?

Update: The Grand Opening of IVMD was October 19th.

The newest hydration solution therapy and wellness center is now open in the Towne Lake area of  Woodstock. IVMD provides IV therapy; the fastest method of introducing fluid and nutrients throughout your entire body. The health benefits take effect as soon as the hydration treatment begins. Whether you are sick, fatigued, injured or hungover, they can help you feel better immediately. In addition, there is a wellness component for health and beauty needs.

You can book your appointment online and first time visitors receive 40% off any IV service.

You may have seen IV places advertised in Las Vegas or New York for hangovers, but the truth is, that’s only a very small part of the business. There is immediate care, wellness care, and health and beauty services offered. For example, the fluids used in hydration therapy deliver electrolytes, amino acids, vitamins, and essential fluids directly into your bloodstream with 100% absorption to help you fight your individual symptoms.

Medial Director Dr Donohue said:

We understand the importance of quality care and  I have designed our treatments to help patients  achieve their goals effectively and efficiently.

Here are a few of the services they provide:

  • Energy
  • Energy + Hydrate
  • Immune Boost
  • Hangover Cure
  • Migraine Relief
  • Muscle Recovery
  • Brain Boost
  • Menstrual Relief
  • Health & Beauty
  • Anti-Aging
  • Weight Loss Program
  • Dr. Donohue’s Signature Drip

You can purchase membership discount programs or pay as you go. For severe cases in a local area, they can bring the IV to you! Their care is comprehensive, fully personalized and administered by their team members who specialize in IV hydration and wellness.  You can fill out an appointment request online or visit them at 200 Parkbrooke Drive, Suite 100 near Orange Theory and Nature’s Corner.


VMD  is open select hours right now, but join them for their “grand opening” party Oct 19th 4PM TO 6PM with complementary wine and hors d’oeuvres. Current hours of operation through Oct 19th: Mon-Thurs by appointment only. FRI-10:30am-6:00pm SAT, SUN-10:00am-3:00pm.


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