What’s New At White Water?

With the unofficial start of summer being Memorial Day weekend, Six Flag’s White Water park opens Thursday May 26 to help you beat the heat and have some Forced Family Fun!

This year, they have a new ride: The Wahoo Racer.

Are you ready to scream Wahoo? Wahoo Racer is the largest slide of its kind in the world, standing 60 feet tall and featuring six side-by-side lanes. Wahoo Racer pits you against five of your friends in the most twisted race of your life! You can enjoy two different adrenaline-charged experiences on one massive structure. Lying head-first, stomach-down on an aerodynamically designed water toboggan, you’ll push off down the snake-like course, curve through winding multi-colored tubes, slip down bumpy hills, and race into track-style racing lanes at speeds up to 40 feet per second to race your competitors to the finish line.

HHAR 2014 Wahoo Racer Photos

Wahoo Racer Facts

  • The tallest slide of its kind in the world
  • A tower standing 60-feet and easily visible from Interstate 75 where the park is located
  • Speeds of up to 40 feet per seconds
  • Six aerodynamic designed water toboggans for the ultimate competing thrill
  • Replaces the 100 Meter Splash
  • Combines a serpentine toboggan tube slide with a multi style racing lane epic finish

In 2015, the Dive Bomber was named the Best New Ride. So maybe this is the year you face your fears and take the plunge! Feel the adrenaline rush as the floor drops out from underneath you and plummet down more than 10 stories on the Dive Bomber water slide at Six Flags White Water.

dive_bomber_116_0Dive Bomber, the tallest slide at Six Flags White Water which debuted in 2015 was recognized by Amusement Today with the Golden Ticket as the Best New Water Ride in 2015. The Golden Ticket Awards are distributed each year to the best of the best in the theme park industry across the country, as well as internationally.

As you step inside the capsule at the top of this record-breaking slide, you’ll stand and wait before the trap door underneath you opens unexpectedly and gravity sends you down the slide at nearly 90 degrees to the splash landing waiting below. Dive Bomber is now the tallest slide ever built at Six Flags White Water and has taken the guest-popular Cliffhanger attraction to new heights.

Another feature your kids may enjoy are the Dive In Movies. Grab a float and watch a movie in their 750,000 gallon wave pool every Thursday night in June and July at 7:00 pm. A different movie will play at the Atlanta Ocean Stage on their 25’X14’ foot screen.

Scoop Tip: White Water is easy to enter and exit, so save some money by packing a picnic lunch. Find some friends and invest in the refillable cups – great deal if you go to White Water or Six Flags repeatedly. Here are 8 items that White Water suggests you bring to the park too.

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