What A Girl Wants!

When a store is called “What a Girl Wants” a girl has to check it out! If it’s been awhile since you visited, you will be pleasantly surprised that their new location has a large and diverse selection of inventory.

Brand names such as Angie Clothing, Vera Bradley, Good Works, Redneck glassware, Natural Life, the unique jewelry line from Lenny & Eva, and Made OTP brands Harvest Hardware and Meucow creations are a few brands in their store.

Little knick-knacks, koozies, and fun gifts fill the shelves and tables — don’t feel bad if you have to take your time looking at everything! They even have a section in the back with unique baby and children gifts too.

On my first trip in, I tried on a ton of their infinity scarves and studied the entire line of Good Work(s) Jewelry. I am a sucker for a product that also benefits charities.

Good Work(s) donates 25% of net profits to charitable causes. They want to help spread acts of kindness. Because together, we can do good — Doing GOOD always WORKS! (That’s their motto.)

My daughter loved a pair of Natural Life earrings, so I brought my son back in to purchase them for her holiday gift from him. He only had $10 dollars and they were a little more, so the owner gave him a 15% discount. How sweet! Individually owned boutiques are the most generous people. There is no way a chain store would have helped him out if he didn’t bring in the coupon himself.

This store is family owned by mother Lisa, and her two daughters Jessie and Janice. They love their customers and want them to return. The store also provides cute gift-wrapping too, which is a great bonus and time-saver.

I also checked out the unique line from Harvest Hardware and Meucow Creations. I love when stores support local artists; we will have to feature them both on our Made OTP section soon!

So, if you have a gift giving occasion coming up for a friend or family member, visit this cute little What A Girl Wants boutique in Canton. You won’t leave empty handed. In fact you may even act like I did: One for me and one for you! Enjoy the Scoop.