Use Travel Agents in the Future

I cannot take the credit for writing this, but it really gets to the heart of what the industry is facing and importance of supporting local business whenever we can.

Travel and Tourism accounts for 330 million jobs- that’s 1 out of every 10 jobs around the world is affected by tourism.

The travel industry has been dealing with the coronavirus since January . . . an additional two full months before it significantly impacted anyone’s lives in the U.S. And, it will likely be one of the last industries to start up again.

Travel agents only get paid when their clients travel. Most are not eligible for any sort of government loan, including small business funding.  Agents have been refunding their hard earned dollars back to their clients by the thousands. Most haven’t booked new trips now for months.

I️ beg you, when you do decide to travel again- PLEASE use a travel agent. Even if it is not our agency, just please use a live person. Please do not click the “book” button on a website.

Pixie Vacations is a sponsor of Scoop OTP and they are the experts in the field for Disney World and more. It doesn’t cost anymore to use a travel agent and many times you can get better pricing and deals.