Two Deals Not to Miss Today

There are two really big promotions going on today only that are too good to miss. We don’t usually focus too much on restaurant chain promotions, so you know these are big. Here’s the scoop:

Moe’s Southwest Grill: The southwestern fast casual restaurant has a promotion for a $1 discount for reward members for every time the Atlanta United soccer team scores a goal. Yesterday’s game was exciting, with ATL United coming out on top 7-0. So, some quick math means rewards members will receive $7 off a burrito purchase today! Get there fast before they realize what they have done.

Olive Garden: Last year, the Never Ending Pasta Pass sold out in one hour. Today, starting at 2:00 you can buy one at and enjoy 8 weeks of endless pasta, soup salad and breadsticks. Dine-in only. Good luck!

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