Truett’s Grill Proposed in Woodstock

The popular Dwarf House Chick-fil-A on Highway 92 in Woodstock may be converted to a Truett’s Grill if approved at the March 23 Woodstock City Council meeting, according to the Cherokee Ledger. 

Plans to tear the existing building down and replace it with Truett’s Grill were heard last week at the Woodstock Planning Commission. The new building is estimated to be about 300 square feet larger, at 6,900 square feet. The drive-through will be longer, with a 28-car queue.

Plans submitted to Woodstock City

The restaurant is described on Truett’s Grill website:

To commemorate Truett Cathy’s 50th Anniversary as a restauranteur, Truett’s Grill opened in 1996. As a full-service, ’50s diner-themed concept we feature the full Chick-Fil-A® menu and signature dishes from the original Dwarf Grill restaurant.

The first Truett’s Grill opened in 1996 in Morrow, Georgia, to commemorate Truett’s 50th Anniversary as a restaurateur. The second opened in McDonough and the third Truett’s Grill opened in Griffin, Georgia, in October 2006 in celebration of Truett’s 60 years in the restaurant industry.

For more information about the planned Truett’s Grill, we refer you to the Ledger article.

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