From Trainer Lori’s Forrester’s blog Love, Sweat, & Fears.

The last two nights I watched the premiere of The Biggest Loser. Oh how I’ve missed Jillian! I know she is harsh and loud and some people really hate her. I was thinking that the last time she was a trainer on the show I REALLY hated the way she spoke to the contestants and I felt terrible for those people.

I have a little different perspective now. It’s not because I have figured it all out and now I think trainers should scream at and put down their clients. I still don’t think that military style of training works well for the majority of people. It’s just that I can feel her passion and her frustration.

You have to remember that these people asked for a transformation! They sent in videos pleading for help from trainers who demand that they work for their results. They only get 14-16 weeks with them and there is A LOT of weight to lose. BTW, I disagree with this concept because of how quickly they lose it and how restrictive their environment is,  but that’s the name of the game. This is TELEVISION people! Agree or disagree, this is what they have signed up to do.

Jillian, Bob, and dreamy Dolvett have quite a job to do and there is no time for slacking or excuses. We have no idea what goes on behind the scenes since we only get to see the extreme moments thanks to creative editing. I have to believe  that all these trainers are just like me, super passionate about health and just want the best for these willing participants. They know how to get results which is the ultimate goal.

Okay, so while I was watching the show, I was thinking about people in general. These contestants are your every day coworkers, friends, and family members. In the last year or so, I’ve learned that until we are pushed, very few of us will allow ourselves to be uncomfortable. Think about that for a minute. Riding roller coasters, public speaking, dentist appointments, confronting a problem at work, letting our teens drive (eek)… these are all things we are pushed into doing that we hate, right? They cause us anxiety, pain, and severe DISCOMFORT, either physically or emotionally. The funny thing is that we are usually very grateful that someone encouraged  or forced us to step out of our comfort zone and take a chance. The truth is that on our own, without a push, we wouldn’t choose discomfort, would we?

Humans are amazing creatures. Our determination is so strong and yet we don’t act on that strength until forced. This has to do with every part of our lives. During this economic crisis, what kind of discomfort have you endured because you’ve been forced? What good has come from these things you’ve been forced to do without? I’ll bet more good than bad in many cases. How many of us have waited until the doctor says we have to lose weight? Suddenly it becomes about living instead of looking good. I’ve seen people who swore they couldn’t lose weight, whip it into shape the minute the doctor says they may not be around to see their grandchildren if they didn’t. This is our nature. We are survivors. We are strong. AND we have no idea what we are capable of until we have to face it.

This is the frustration that I can relate to when I watch The Biggest Loser. I get very emotional about it because the two words “I CAN’T” are like kryptonite! When you say those words, it weakens you. It kills whatever drive you had and begins a storm of self-loathing inner talk. You don’t even know how capable and how much more you can do… until you do it. Dolvett said it best: There is no greater accomplishment than doing something you didn’t think you could do a week ago. This is so dead on! I wanted to jump up and scream AMEN! If people would just allow themselves to be uncomfortable and work through the pain without using those two dreaded words, I CAN’T, they’d see just what they are made of. I’m not in any way saying that passing out and falling off the back of a treadmill is a good thing (this is where I have a problem with that show). What I am saying is that the drama you bring to your workouts is a motivation killer! Stop looking at what is going to suck so bad and start just doing the damn work. Do the next thing, eat the next meal, say “I know I can do this”!  Take control over your life and your body and stop blaming, because the only person stopping you is YOU.

Phew… I got myself all worked up for a second. Let’s all just stop and think about how blessed we are to have the ability to move,  family and friends to support our efforts, and most of all an entire lifetime ahead of us to make the most of. So start today. Whether you have 10 lbs or 100 lbs to lose, it’s the same journey; a journey that begins with focus, drive and determination to work through the suck!

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