Tips To Stay On Track With Holiday Eating

Trainer Lori Forrester would never dream of telling someone to eat clean on Thanksgiving or Christmas Day. There are just some splurge meals that are worth it. But the problem is not the holidays themselves; it’s all the parties and activities surrounding them that create issues with weight gain. What’s a party gal to do?

Here are a few tips from Lori to  keep you on track so you can enjoy those heavenly meals with your loved ones without guilt or regret!

  • Eat before you go. Fill up on your healthy meal right before you leave the house. This way you won’t be ravenous when you get there and eat all night. NEVER walk into a party hungry. The whole idea of  “saving up” for the night is absurd.
  • Walk away from the food table after your first small plate of  “tasters” — or never even walk into the food room at all. This is difficult but if you don’t see it, you won’t be tempted.
  • If you must drink alcohol, keep it clear. Try vodka with club soda or diet tonic, a squeeze of lime and a packet of Stevia. It tastes great and has no sugar, so not only is it diet friendly, but you will rarely have a hangover if you keep your drinks free of sugary mixers. I just discovered that a squeeze of my kids’ favorite water flavor enhancers, Mio works great in those drinks as well. YUM! A good rule of thumb also is to alternate alcoholic drink with a full glass of water — keeps you both full and sober.
Okay…we’ve splurged on our special day. Now what? I’m not talking about turkey. Turkey leftovers are great for clean eating.  I’m talking about everything else. This is where we go astray and let a splurge meal kick us for the next five days.
  • If your family will allow it, give it away. Give it to whoever will take it.
  • If you can freeze something, freeze it.
  • If you have an alternative refrigerator that is in your garage or basement, use it. You’ll have to think about it and make an effort to go get that food.
  • Make little portioned-out meals in plastic wear. A big dish of sweet potato casserole is like crack for me, and my head is in the fridge until it’s gone. However if I portion out a couple of days’ worth for everyone and throw the rest out, it works.
  • Try not to overcook (yeah right). Think about how many people are eating and how much you usually have left over. Be realistic. It is one meal, not seven.
  • Take a family poll and decide on one dessert. That way it will be eaten that day and not be around all week for you to pick at and have to throw it in the trash because you can’t stop. If you can’t all decide on one, then at least give everyone two options and that’s it!