Spring Decorating: An Amateur Opinion

The time between Jan 1st and Feb 28th are, in decorating terms, what I refer to as No Man’s Land. You have taken down the tree (I hope) and put everything back where it belongs. And if you are like me, you have had some sort of seasonal décor up since October. So I’m not going to sugar coat it — I find it very depressing.

But the good news is that March is right around the corner, which means you can start to think about “Springifying” your home. All good amateur decorators know that it’s best to get as much mileage from your décor as possible. My mindset for Spring decorating is to lighten up my current décor, while adding some Easter flare that can be easily removed once the holiday is past.

Last Spring I was desperately looking to lighten up my typically dark décor. I searched for ideas. A monochromatic, lighter colored concept kept coming to mind. Since I was trying to do this without breaking the bank, I took to thrift stores, and purchased several candle-holders and picture frames, and gathered some other random knick- knacks that I had been holding onto. I chose a shade of moss green spray paint and a creamy white spray paint. If you haven’t experienced spray paint, you really must. It’s not just for graffiti artists anymore.  It is the LEAST expensive way to change something in your home.

I clustered my newly painted treasures together on my mantle, my entryway table, and my console, added some Spanish moss and a few faux robins eggs (found at any craft store), and had myself some very chic looking spring vignettes. Add a few glass containers filled with moss, and it really does “Springify” your home.

Also — I LOVE decorative chalkboards! They are a very simple and fun way to add to your seasonal decor.

I’ve collected a few Pins from Pinterest that have some great, easy DIY ideas for Spring. Since Pinterest can be overwhelming for some, Scoop will sift through and try to help you find worthwhile ones.