Meet “The General”

No one in my family originally jumped off the couch and said, “I can’t wait to go to the Southern Museum!” But we have gone twice now with visiting family members, and we have enjoyed it every time.

Civil War history buffs and train enthusiasts will definitely enjoy this museum; it lends a very unique perspective into the use of railroads during and after the Civil War. But honestly, for a Forced Family Fun outing, it was an interesting and educational experience for all of us — two birds with one stone! And definitely Mother-in-law approved.

The impressive Civil War collection interested my son (it had weapons!) and the Great Locomotive Chase of 1862, which was made into a movie. Even if the acting in the movie was a little bit cheesy, the facts of the story kept everyone’s interest.

Grab a photo with the historic red General locomotive when you are done. This way you can prove to your children when they are older that you did take them to interesting and educational places, and they had fun too!

With mommy-and-me programs, after-school, summer, and home-school events, there is something for every child. If you have time when you are done, pop over to Capers Restaurant for a bite to eat or continue with the historic Kennesaw walk.