Go Ahead, Jump Off the Walls!

Whether the location in Roswell or Suwanne is close or far from your home, you will win the Best Parent Ever Award for hauling your kids and their friends to the mega bounce arena: Sky Zone.

Sky Zone began in 2004, and is the largest indoor trampoline park. With angled trampolines, you can literally bounce off the walls! In addition, they have sports like dodge ball, volleyball, and basketball, as well as fitness events. The Roswell location has the Volleyball cages.  The Kennesaw location is opening in mid-February too.

A two-hour jumping spree for $20.00 will wear your kids out, and the only time they’ll bother you is for water or Gatorade to refuel themselves. If you’re bringing your children’s friends, fill out the waiver first and have their parents sign it (yes, there’s a waiver — safety first!).

Some wild and crazy parents even get out there and jump with their kids! Don’t think less of me, but after two kids, jumping isn’t my thing. I did enjoy the view from the top while I took full advantage of the free wi-fi. I also had the option of relaxing on a comfy couch and watching my kids on a television screen. If you can grab another adult friend to come with you, it will help pass the time. I had a computer, magazines, and a friend and I was exhausted just watching them play.

I love Sky Zone’s Mission Statement:

To provide the most effective combination of fun and fitness that anyone can participate in, regardless of age, size or physical ability. When it comes right down to it, our sole purpose is to provide unparalleled, unmatched, and out-of-this-world FUN! It’s that simple.

Georgia is lucky to have this unique experience, perfect for birthday parties or a memorable weekend event.  The scoop is that they are coming to a Roswell location soon.