Selfie Studio Opens at Cumberland Mall

On Nov. 1, Cumberland Mall will celebrate the opening of a new experience titled “The Selfie Studio.” The Selfie Studio is family-friendly, free to the public and exclusively at Cumberland Mall until Nov. 14.

The Selfie Studio at Cumberland Mall is a great place for visitors to take unique pictures, create one-of-a-kind content and make fun memories. It offers five different and creative backdrops made of 8-ft.-tall shipping containers inside which visitors can pose.

Themes include:

  • Interior of a train from the early days
  • Old-school motel
  • Basketball courtside
  • Telephone booth
  • Pipe dreams where you can stand in the clouds

Over its two weekends, Nov. 5-6 and Nov. 12-13, a photographer will be available from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. to capture these great photo moments bursting with color!

Cumberland Mall is located at 2860 Cumberland Mall SE, Atlanta GA 30339

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