rev2Coffee shops are a guilty pleasure of mine. And as much as I want to support small businesses and shop local, I often find myself patronizing Starbucks. (In my defense, it is located exactly halfway between my daughter’s dance studio and my son’s lacrosse field. Don’t judge!) But when I get the chance to visit a local coffee shop, I jump at it, which is exactly why I made a special trip to Smyrna to visit Rev Coffee — not insanely close to Canton, but I was doing research. Plus I had heard good things.

Rev was packed when we stopped in on Thursday morning. People were all over the place with their laptops working, socializing, and visiting. Luckily we were able to snag the end of a long table to set up for our meeting.


As I said, I love coffee, lattes, iced coffees, and pretty much everything else you can find in a coffee shop. Problem: I am often out and about with Suzanne, my Scoop partner, who doesn’t drink any coffee. So, the supporting cast on the menu at said coffee shops needs to be strong in order for me to convince her to go. Luckily, Rev Coffee offers many tea choices, hot ciders, steamers (which I need to try) and smoothies. Even more important than the role of additional beverages on the menu is the food, as I am also often with hungry children. Many times coffee shops only have a small selection of pastries; Rev had a large selection of the usual pastries, but they also had a nice variety of sandwichesrev1 and salads too. And I’m pretty sure they had one of the biggest croissants I have seen since living in the south.

The atmosphere and staff were very warm, helpful and talkative, which is good, because I like to be chatty when I am excited about being somewhere. And I have been to other nameless coffee shops where the attitude was not as welcoming, so I was very happy to feel the warm welcome at Rev.

So if you are in Smyrna (maybe visiting another Scoop favorite, Love Street Boutique) be sure to stop in Rev. And tell them Scoop sent you!

Rev Coffee is located at 1680 Spring Road, Smyrna, GA.