Public Access Crystal Lagoons Approved for Canton

Update 3/18: During their meeting on Thurs., March 18, Canton City Council unanimously approved the development of Crystal Lagoon – a mixed-use health and wellness, entertainment, retail, and residential development. The 2.57-acre saltwater lagoon will have approximately 800 feet of beach entrance, and there will also be an amphitheater and stage for live outdoor entertainment with a video board for outdoor viewing of professional sporting events and movies. The development will have indoor/outdoor meeting/event space and wedding venue of approximately 20,000 square feet, and multiple food outlets and a catering kitchen for events.


Public Access Lagoons™ developments bring turquoise waters and white sand beaches to the city. This allows developers to create idyllic beach life just steps away from people’s homes while generating a new business through ticketed entry to the lagoon and year-round entertainment including water sports, concerts, weddings, events, trade shows, day clubs, restaurants, retail, and more. This innovative concept has been patented as a system and business method by Crystal Lagoons®.

According to the website, there are 3 stages of building the development. The image below is the last stage.  The city had a public hearing Thursday night on this concept.  On the Crystal Lagoon  website, the city of Canton, Atlanta, and Kingsland, Georgia as well as many other states, and countries are listed as in planning, design or construction stages.


The new Crystal Lagoons® Hot Reef™ technology makes it possible to keep the bathing area warm at low cost, providing the perfect water temperature during the summer, while also extending the lagoon’s use during the winter months.


The proposed location would be off of Riverstone Drive near the Publix.

On the Grant of Facebook page, Mayor Bill Grant said:

One of our roadmap tenets is Sustaining Our Natural Resources. We are doing a lot in this area with activating and protecting the Etowah River, expanding our trail system, expanding our park network and green space and reimagining the Bluffs and reservoir for more recreational activities. I think we are doing a lot in this area and will do more. Crystal Lagoons is a very sustainable company, and the technology is impressive. I think this project provides balance under our “Advancing Regional Economic Success” as a major tourism project that will not only provide much needed recreational activity for our families in Canton but also attract regional visitors that will spend time and money in our restaurants, hotels, shops and art galleries.  These visitors enhance our tax base and hotel and motel revenue without creating additional demands on city services for residential development. It is a unique project for Canton, but I think the tourism focus is a win-win for our citizens and businesses. Of course, as with all projects, it needs to be done right, and that is what the Public Hearings are intend for exploring if you want to attend and learn more or address your concerns in public.

Stay tuned for more updates!