Pressed Panini Bar in Marietta is ImPRESSive.

Sometimes Michelle and I “argue” over who should write the recommendation on places we visit. So far, we have always agreed on which places are Scoop approved, but this restaurant fell on my lap to review as I love hot pressed sandwiches and she prefers hers cold.

1375149_746402618719151_414307068_nLocated in Marietta Square, the new restaurant Pressed is a panini bar. You can get any sandwich cold, but we both felt we needed to experiment with their signature sandwich, the hot panini! Pressed also offers many delicious salad choices that sound amazing.

Of course, I couldn’t decide. Luckily, the staff was nice enough to let me basically create my own panini, which was turkey, brie, and avocado on French bread. Michelle tried the peanut butter and banana, which was so yummy that it could have been our dessert.

The sides are unique — quinoa salad, corn and edamame salad, or chips. Fresh ingredients and all natural meats make this restaurant a great choice if you’re in Marietta Square. We hope they expand to other cities soon! 1381446_747243195301760_827911522_n

Visit their Facebook page to get your taste buds excited!

Here’s a little extra Scoop: the owner and chef of Pressed is Scott Kinsley who also created Taqueria Tsunami. That restaurant has two locations — one of which is just a few doors down from Pressed the square, and the other is in the Outlets of Atlanta in Woodstock. We have eaten there as well. It’s definitely Scoop Approved, and we are still “arguing” about who will write that great review.


Pressed can be found at:  30 SOUTH PARK SQUARE – MARIETTA, GA 30060