Partner’s II Pizza Coming to Downtown Woodstock

UPDATE: Partners II Pizza in Woodstock is now open.

Partner’s II Pizza, a popular pizza restaurant with  5 locations  in southern OTP, has just announced that they are venturing north and opening their first location in Woodstock. They will be in the location that has been home to Barrel and Barley Craft Beer. We are always sad to see a local business close it’s doors; earlier this week owner Zack Yurchuck made the announcement on social media:

We’re sad to officially say that we won’t be re-opening as originally planned. We received a great offer from some local Woodstockians to take over the company and turn the space into a Partners Pizza. We’ve been reflecting on the last four years of support this community has show us, and we wanted to take a moment to say thank you for everything you’ve done for us.

Yurchuck also owns the very popular Truck and Tap concept in Woodstock, and preparing to open a second location in Alpharetta.

Steve and Catherine Davis will be the new owners of the Woodstock franchise. The pizza restaurant will be an exciting addition to the Downtown Woodstock restaurant scene: there are other Italian restaurants with Ipp’s, Fire Stone Wood Fired Pizza and Vingenzo’s, but this appears to be the first whose prime focus is pizza.  Here is some information from the owner:

My husband (Steven Davis) and I are opening a “take out” and limited service Partners II Pizza in the middle of downtown Woodstock. It will be located at the old Barrel & Barley location, 8600 main St. Due to the size limitation of the building, we will offer a limited menu. We will be serving specialty pizzas by the slice and by the pie, salads, as well as, beer and wine. We will offer the same dough and toppings that have made Partners famous, including the famous “Loaded baked potato” pizza. While this won’t be the traditional “sit down” style dining, we will have a large amount of seating and bar space for our patrons to enjoy their meal and drinks.

According to Partner’s Website, part of the success of Partners is the special dough that creator Jim Royal developed. The crust is crunchy, chewy and light and each is hand tossed to order. Partners uses a vertical cutting mixer that produces cheese crumbles instead of shreds, allowing them to use low moisture mozzarella that also happens to be low-fat. Many pizza restaurants try and distinguish themselves by coming up with a secret pizza sauce recipe, but it’s no secret that we have used canned sauce from day one.  They believe that if customers are satisfied with the current sauce, then don’t change it. In addition, Partners has developed recipes for their own salad dressings, the Partners Special and Bleu Cheese have become locally famous and are highly revered.

The other four locations offer Cauliflower crust for those interested in an alternative to gluten free, with only 6 grams of carbs and 6 ingredients, so stay tuned to see if the Woodstock menu carries it too.

We have been communicating with the new owners about the Woodstock location; as soon as we hear more about the opening timeframe, we will share the Scoop!

You can read the entire Barrel and Barley Craft Beer closing post on their Facebook page