Award Winning Masterpiece Restaurant Relocating

Written by Foodie Joe Duffy

One of the most critically acclaimed restaurants in the state, Masterpiece, is moving from Duluth to  Johns Creek The new location will be 11625 Medlock Bridge Road, further solidifying a short stretch as a formidable Asian Alley. Along a 1.1-mile span of Medlock Bridge Road, between Abbots Bridge and Pleasant Hill Road, the appropriately named Masterpiece joins two other authentic Sichuan standouts Hong Kong Cafe and Great Sichuan.

Also ensconced in the restaurant sprawl is Taiwanese paradigm Mama’s Kitchen, soup dumpling exemplar Xiao’s Way Noodle House, and long-time popular Vietnamese hub Le Mekong.

Often a measure of a restaurant’s greatness is how other successful chefs perceive the restaurant. Adam Hyzdu, chef/owner of Alpharetta’s super popular Savory Gourmet called Masterpiece:

“Five stars all the way” while mentioning onion spicy pot chicken as among his favorite dishes.

From Joe’s personal Facebook Page:

Few things tastier than real Sichuan food and not many do it better than Masterpiece in Duluth. Cumin mutton, boiled fish filet with chili stew, coriander beef tenderloin. Yeah each time I go to a Peter Cheng protoge, I say next time I need to stop going all heat. Maybe someday I’ll listen. This is a religious experience.

Note: The AJC selected the restaurant  as #1 for the best Chinese Food in Atlanta in 2018,2019, and 2020.

Scoop had a tip they were moving and it was confirmed by Masterpiece. They are currently located at 3940 Buford Hwy
Duluth, GA 30096 and are moving into a larger place. A date hasn’t been determined yet.