Market District Crabapple Adds a Unique Starbucks & More!

Located in the heart of downtown Crabapple, Market District Crabapple, is a collection of mid-rise buildings featuring an exciting collection of single-level luxury residences alongside renowned restaurants and shops. They just announced a Starbucks will be their first tenant followed by four restaurants in an upscale food hall and at least five chef-driven restaurants also.

We are excited to announce that Cup of Joe Holdings, LLC, a locally owned business by a resident of Milton, will be opening a licensed Starbucks coffee shop in Market District Crabapple. While they are still finalizing the design, it is expected to incorporate the latest fresh ideas and concepts offered by Starbucks.  This is the perfect solution to merge a trusted national brand with local ownership and operation.

Market District is elated to have a local entrepreneur as our first announced tenant located in Building One at the corner of BirminghamHighway and the new Charlotte Drive Extension. This particular Starbucks will be one of the very first in the country with its unique and innovative design.  Follow them on Facebook for the latest updates.

Director of Retail Sales and Leasing for Powell Property Group, Stephanie Krank, said:

This Starbucks will have a unique design aesthetic that will be one of the first in the country. Even I don’t know what it is yet-  it is still a secret.

Stay tuned for the Scoop about the restaurants coming soon!