Marietta Best Bites Bingo Game!

To help promote independent restaurants in Marietta, my friend Emily Robinson of Ultra Epicure, created Marietta Best Bites Bingo Game!  You get to try and enjoy new places or return to some of your favorites, play a game and win gift cards! Grab your friends and download a card.  The restaurants names,  locations and social media handles are listed on the website.

Bingo Card


For complete details of the rules and prizes visit the website but here’s a brief overview.

Order from one of the participating, locally-owned restaurants, take a picture, complete a Game Post on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook per the guidelines below and repeat. When you “stamp” 5 spots in a column, submit the details of your completed bingo to be verified. See complete directions and rules below.

Every Game Post must include the following:
1. The hashtag #MariettaBestBitesBingo
2. Name of the participating bingo game business (you must tag the business using their correct social media account, as listed on the ​Participating Restaurants​ page)
3. Name of the drinks, dish or dishes you ordered
4. A picture of the food and/or drinks ordered (pictures in to-go boxes on take-out orders are completely acceptable)
5. At least one positive comment about your experience
6. Date and time of order (you must post within 48 hours of your visit)
Mask up and keep a safe distance at all times!

Thanks for sharing with your friends and stimulating the economy! Good Luck and don’t forget to follow Ultra Epicure on Instagram for your foodie updates.