Major Band Instrument Donation

Normally, we feature individuals as Scoop Stars, but this time we’d like to feature a whole company that stepped up to help Creekland Middle School’s band instrument purchase.

CreeklandMSKeystone Solutions, an Alpharetta-based company, is a full-service digital measurement consultant group, who has a child in the band. Matthew Gellis is the Founder and CEO and approached band director, Kevin Boyle, about a donation. Their generous donation covers the Conn-Selmer partnership program that allows for a lease to own purchase over the next 5 years!  The band had outgrown their existing inventory of large, school-owned instruments such as tubas, french horns and bassoons. These instruments are very expensive for students to rent.

Deborah Piper, whose 6th grade son is also in the band and 8th grade daughter is in chorus, was so excited that she reached out to us to share the great news. This purchase will 2529_769128583114649_1949858209_naccelerate the school’s original delivery date from March to October. If everything moves expediently on the manufacturer’s end, the kids will have the new instruments before their Winter Concert in November.

In an emotional email from the band director, Kevin Boyle, he stated that the company wanted to fund the instrument purchase so that the lock-in fundraising may “help advance and expand our band program in other ways”.  Since the band receives no funding from the school system, it is up to each individual school band program to provide funding and this is why the school is so thankful to Mr. Gellis and Keystone Solutions.

Congratulations to Keystone Solutions for being a great school partner.

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