Savvy Fitness Expert, Lori Forrester, shares some workouts that couples can do together. Visit her LSF fitness blog for more great tips or her other Fitness Savvy Scoops.

Yes, it’s that time of year when we are supposed to show the ones we love just how much we love them! We shower each other with chocolate, mushy cards and overpriced balloons. We go out to crowded restaurants hoping we get seated some time close to our reservation time. We give each other candy we know neither of us need — simply because we are “supposed to.”

I’m not trying to discourage you from having a date with your significant other or from giving each other little gifts of love. Here 1326969610_305227178_1-Pictures-of-love-birdsis the thing though: how many of you made a decision (not a resolution… I hate those) to make 2014 different in terms of your choices? If you and your family have been keeping to that promise and want to really show each other support, let’s do it! Here are a few LOVE BIRD workouts you can do! You can even make a healthy dessert to eat after, if you must have your sweets along with your together time.


Partner does wall sits while the other completes as many reps as possible until needing a break. Each exercise done collectively until all reps are done before moving to the next exercise. Wall sits: back against the wall and sit like in a chair.

100 push-ups
100  body-weight squats
100 dumbbell swings
100 sit-ups
50 burpees


You need a medicine ball or a small stability ball for this one. Ball pass sit-ups: pass the ball back and forth as each of you sit up. Burpees: one holds plank while other burpees (split these reps). Back to back ball squats: put ball between you, back to back, in a standing position and lean against each other and squat.

25 ball pass sit-ups
20 burpees while partner holds a plank (alternate)
15 back to back ball squats


“I want all of you, forever, you and me, everyday” – Noah from The Notebook

2 rounds (1 each partner) 4:00 each exercise. Swap exercises in each round after 2 minutes.

Partner #1- push-ups; Partner #2- plank hold
Partner #1-squat jumps; Partner #2- flutter kicks
Partner #1- Sit-ups; Partner #2- walking lunges
Partner #1- thrusters; Partner #2- wall sits


Hope you enjoyed these Love Bird workouts! Are you chirping for joy or pain?

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