Ladyslipper Nursery: Soil Therapy

I’ve always enjoyed looking at other people’s gardens – their skills in creating beautiful areas with flowers and greenery brings a smile to my face. Folks like me who can’t seem to grow anything are referred to as having a brown thumb. I referred to my inability to grow flowers and greenery as having island thumbs. But that my friends, has changed!

Lady Slipper Scoop OTPLast year I began to embark on a new adventure – gardening. I took a free Saturday morning class at Ladyslipper Nursery in Hickory Flat. Casey, the nursery’s owner and masterful gardener, taught folks in attendance about container gardening and how we could all do it – create our own containers filled with flowers and color to enjoy year round.

Truth be told, I didn’t believe him at first. But Casey proved me wrong, and I have joined the gardening warriors that are willing to put blooming flowers into a pot or container and make it look so beautiful that pride and joy fills our hearts.

Ladyslipper Nursery Scoop OTPSince then I’ve attended several more Saturday morning classes and have learned more about plants. My thumbs are becoming more green with time.

What’s nice about Ladyslipper Nursery, besides the knowledge and service that Casey and his mom Lula are ready to share at any time, are the flowers and greenery. They are stunning and healthy. A wide range of annuals, perennials, herbs and tropical plants are but a few of the offerings available.

The prices are good and the quality is superb. The plants are grown from seeds, eventually moved to larger containers and made available for purchase to the novice gardener or the professional landscaper.

Ladyslipper Nursery Scoop OTPCasey is also the creator of pieces of garden art, sold at Ladyslipper. He takes items that may seem like a waste and creates folk art – from forks that become flowers to kitchen pots that become faces.

After having a bit of more experience with gardening, I’ve realized that it was a bit therapeutic, so I’ve decided to make it part of my self-imposed therapy plan; I call it Soil Therapy. Dirty hands and fingers coupled with moist soil and dirt combine to create the perfect place for charming and colorful blooms to live.

It is worth noting that Casey has, over the last year or so, shared his expertise with the readers of My Forsyth magazine in his column. Check out the nursery’s Facebook page for updates and information as well as their web site.

Next time you need to purchase fine-looking plants, or simply need a little soil therapy, visit Ladyslipper Nursery.

Located at 7418 Hickory Flat Hwy Woodstock GA 770-345-2998. Open Monday – Saturday.

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