King Barbecue to replace Bantam + Biddy at Avalon

Update: King Barbecue is opening June 5th. 

A new restaurant concept, King Barbecue, will replace Bantam + Biddy at Avalon later this spring. The new concept is from Chefs Shaun Doty and Lance Gummere, and will be managed by pit master Carey Wise of Fox Bros. and Grand Champion BBQ.

Pit Master Carey Wise/Photo by Bob Townsend

In an AJC interview, Wise stated:

This is going to go great with Avalon. The fresh sides and everything the Bantam + Biddy clientele expects, were going to be able to do. We’ll have all the staples, but when spring comes around, we’re going to have a lot of garden-fresh vegetables. And you’ll have salad options you can’t get in any other barbecue restaurant.

Fortunately, our staff BBQ expert and Avalon enthusiast Joe Duffy will be sure to try King Barebecue as soon as they open and happily report back just what he thinks. Hie current favorite is Meating Street BBQ, so we will see how this compares – stay tuned!

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