Jinbei West Restaurant Review

I’ve been hearing a lot of positive buzz about Jinbei West, sister restaurant of Yakitori Jinbei, which interestingly is well west of Jinbei West’s Peachtree Corners location. It’s partnership between chefs Jae Choi and G. Garvin, a 35-year veteran in the industry and a cookbook author.

Situated in the back of Peachtree Town Center in the former Farm Burger, West is blessed with a chic interior, though not ostentatious. The excellence is comparable with higher-end Japanese (and Korean) restaurants. Hardly “cheap eats” but the eminence of what is served surpasses the sticker price.

If our meal were a baseball game, the salmon carpaccio was a leadoff tape-measure home run. There is no industry definition of “sushi/sashimi grade.” But the vibrant color proved a harbinger to the palatableness. The impressed sushi lovers at my table graded the quality A+. The garlic chips gave a nice counterbalance crunch.

Gyoza was a surprise as it was unlike others we enjoyed at Japanese restaurants. It appeared to be deep fried and a hybrid between pork dumplings an egg roll. We endorsed but may go with the steamed alternative next time to compare. Daughter cherished her staple sushi dish of spicy tuna and said it is commensurate with her preferred purveyors.

Otoro stole the show on my sashimi sampler. Otoro is tuna belly and highest in fat content. Jinbei’s was well-marbled, tender, and luscious. When I hit the lottery, I will demolish this at least five days a week. It was not the only standout on the plate. Hamachi sashimi was perfectly sliced yellowtail and a close runner-up in delectability.

The multiplicity of the menu stood out, as I also gobbled Korean fried chicken. It was very crispy on the outside, but juicy, high quality, tender on the inside. I found the sticky and messy sauce quite tasty, but not sure I agreed with the “spicy” distinction on the menu of the Korean sauce. Generally Korean fried chicken this righteous would only be served in restaurants that specialize in such, not on the same menu as high-grade sushi.

The mochi ice cream was a big hit with my daughter. I was able to sample some and loved how the sticky rice dumpling was the perfect complement in both taste and texture to the ice cream it wraps around. Years ago, I over enthusiastically declared Peachtree Corners was a burgeoning dining destination. The restaurant scene became stagnant even losing its best restaurant Ba Bellies. It’s comeback time as Jinbei West is a major addition.

Specialty cocktails include a superb smoked Maker’s Mark old fashioned on a large rock, often overlooked in many establishments. I loved that the visual was matched by the gustatory

I’ve yet to try any of their ramens, including my favorite tonkotsu. But if said soups are on the same level with what we have had so far, Peachtree Corners may have their premier restaurant in Jinbei West.

Come experience our modern fusion of Korean & Japanese cuisine.

Jinbei West – 5170 Town Center Blvd, Suite 410 -Peachtree Corners, GA 30092


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