In-N-Out Burger Expanding East

In case you missed it….

In-N-Out Is Finally Expanding Eastward After Years of Denials. The first outpost of the expansion will open in Nashville…in 2026. In-N-Out, the California-based fast-food chain with a cult following, announced on January 10 that it plans to expand eastward.

In-N-Out Burger is “double-doubling” down on growing its business, announcing it would open new locations in Tennessee, the farthest east the company has ever gone.  Will the state of Georgia be next?

The California-based fast food chain – where you can order your burger “Animal Style” off the company’s “not-so-secret menu” – said Tuesday that it would open new restaurants in Tennessee as well as an “eastern territory office” in Franklin, just south of Nashville.

In-N-Out owner and president Lynsi Snyder – who is also the only granddaughter of founders Harry and Esther Snyder – said the company was eager to expand into Tennessee.

The iconic burger joint that began in 1948 as a 10′ x 10′ stand in Baldwin Park, Calif., now boasts a total of 385 locations across the state as well as in Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Texas, Oregon and Colorado.

In-N-Out plans to complete construction on its office in Franklin and open its new restaurants in and around Nashville by 2026.

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