Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

As much as I would love to just give soap on a rope as a Father’s Day present and call it a day, I know I need to do a little more to show my husband how much we all love and appreciate him. But with so many new technological gadgets and entire big box stores devoted to tools, it can be overwhelming trying to find the right gift.

Scoop knows that sometimes it’s nice to splurge for your loved ones, but we also know that sometimes you just can’t. So here are some suggestions that range from having a money tree on your front lawn to scrounging for change between the cushions — but remember, it’s the thought that counts.

If you have some greenbacks laying around, the Big Green Egg is the hottest trend in grilling, smoking, and overall manhood. This machine has a cult following. Men from all over will gather around to talk about the best way to smoke a pork butt or make beer can chicken.

SportulaBig Green Egg

If that is out of your budget, check out the Sportula! These can usually be found at kiosks in your local OTP malls. Seriously, I love this marketing concept. What dad wouldn’t want to make an imprint of his team’s logo on a hamburger patty?!

Speaking of hamburgers, check out this unique gift called the Big Flippin’ Burger. This over-sized burger maker is great for tailgaters and grill masters.

Happy Father's DayGrab some Miller Light, cracker jacks, and tie a ribbon around the remote. You can also include some cheap seats to an upcoming Braves game.

nascar-logoFor those NASCAR fans, the ultimate gift might be the NASCAR Racing Experience on the Atlanta test track. If that budget is too much, pop over to the Jeff Foxworthy Store at the North GA Premium Outlets and get some great NASCAR gear. Or check Walmart — they always have NASCAR products in stock.

Old Guys RuleOne last thing I love: the Old Guys Rule collections. They’re quirky and fun, and have a whole range of things to choose from! T-shirts, mugs, patches, wallets — you name it. You can order them online, but if you know of a local OTP store that carries them, please share the Scoop!

So Happy Father’s Day to all of our Scoop Dads out there! Let us know how you like to celebrate.