Gabby’s Olive Branch & Leaning Ladder

For all you Rachael Ray fans who loves her famous catch phrase of E-V-O-O (extra virgin olive oil, for those of you who don’t know), I stumbled upon the coolest shop in Cumming that specializes in Olive Oil and Vinegar and then Leaning Ladder opened up in downtown Woodstock too!

Gabby’s Olive Branch has a tasting bar where you can try 26 different Balsamic Vinegar flavors, 15 EVOO flavors, 10 varieties of ultra premium EVOO, 4 gourmet choices, and more!

Just like I am not a restaurant critic, I am not a gourmet chef either. But if you enjoy cooking, preparing, seasoning your food, you would love this shop. I was a little overwhelmed with so many choices, but the staff let me taste a few samples and we talked about my use of the products. I went with the basic salad dressing concept, and to use in a pot of water. I ended up purchasing their most popular one of each in their recyclable, refillable bottles. It was a tough choice!

Shooting back a taste of olive oil and really tasting the pressed olives and full flavors is an interesting experience. Even with my lack of culinary skill, I could taste the difference of the few choices I tried.

To compliment the tastings they have fresh breads, crackers, and they also sell olives, herbs, and rubs. If you enjoy cooking and  like to experiment with different flavors, they can email you different recipes to use with each of their products. You can see some of their creations on their Facebook page.

The owner’s daughter, Gabby, loves cooking with healthy food and fresh ingredients. With that thought in mind, Gabby’s Olive Branch makes available the highest quality products, which include olive oils with high poly phenols, low free-fatty acids and a two to four hour harvest-to-mill time thus preserving the positive properties in the olive oil.

You can hold your own tasting party for a special event, which would be a really unique experience for your guests. So next time you are in West Forsyth off of 400 and exit 13, pop in and tell the owners that Scoop OTP sent you!

If you are near Roswell, there is a similar tasting bar called Oli & Ve, which has been highly recommended by fellow Scoopers.

562594_157191794471628_1048999474_nJust opened in Woodstock, the Leaning Ladder…at the new Atlanta (AKA Woodstock) outlets as a kiosk and their  flagship store in downtown Woodstock too. They have the same quality distribution as Gabby’s, so enjoy the quality and their beautiful showroom.  Check their page for cooking demonstrations and they love to put some of these great flavors on ice-cream too!