Frozen Cow Creamery Opening in Woodstock

Update: The Woodstock location is now OPEN.

Kennesaw’s hometown favorite ice cream shop, the Frozen Cow Creamery, has announced that they will be opening a second location in Woodstock. The company announced on their Facebook page that the location would be in the Towne Lake area of Woodstock at 1025 Rose Creek Drive, Suite 380. The tentative opening will be in September.

Frozen Cow Creamery is a in ice cream shop that specializes in individual, nitrogen infused concoctions Frozen Cow Creamery Woodstock that are made to order right in front of your eyes. You may remember seeing a concept similar to this from Sub Zero on the show “Shark Tank”.

Customers love this style of ice cream because the customization lets you choose traditional ice cream bases, or sugar and lactose free versions for those with specific dietary needs.

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