Frankfurt DonerWhile I am most definitely not a vegetarian, I do not crave “eccentric” meats. Not at all. But I have been told by many that marriage is a compromise, so I have had my share of interesting gyros, sausages, rashers, and other foods I consider strange. That said, you can understand why I was slow to tell my husband about Frankfurt Döner, a German style sandwich shop just a few miles from our home.

By definition, “Döner” is a Turkish dish made of meat cooked on a vertical spit, normally veal or beef, but sometimes mixed with lamb — it is very much like a gyro. And they are becoming as popular as hamburgers and hot dogs in Europe; they’ve taken off in some big cities here in the United States, too.


My palette is very underdeveloped in the area of these meats, so I recruited my husband and son to test Frankfurt Döner for the Scoop.

After their first visit, they both came home raving about the Döner Sandwich and how amazing it was! Immediately they were figuring out the next free window to get lunch there again. We have since been back several times, and have even taken out of town guests to sample the delicious meats.


We have now officially tried the beef and chicken Döner, the bratwurst and sausages, and even the basic hotdogs served at Frankfurt Döner. You can also buy the sausages and brats to take home and prepare, which makes the men in my house very happy.

Not to be left out of the food truck craze, Frankfurt Döner has a mobile unit at events, and has just started a Döner Food Truck at Kennesaw State University, which is a sure sign that this is a craze acknowledged by much more than just my German-food- loving spouse. So if you are tired of the usual chicken nuggets and burgers, give Frankfurt Döner at try. Tell them Scoop sent you.

Frankfurt Doner moved from their Woodstock, GA location to 250 Gilmer Ferry Road, Ball Ground.