“Fist Fight” filming in Atlanta, OTP

Fist Fight Movie According to the Current Hub, the movie “Fist Fight” was filming today at the Avenues in East Cobb.  “Fist Fight” stars Charlie Day(It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia), Christina Hendricks(Mad Men) and Ice Cube.  The comedy is about a mild mannered high school English teacher(Day) who is challenged to a fist fight by his colleague(Ice Cube) because of a misunderstanding.  The film is directed by Richie Keen, who also directed “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”.

The film is looking for extras, specifically those that can look like high schoolers.  One of the casting calls is for cheerleaders and a drummers. Visit Project Casting for information and details. Good Luck!

If you are in East Cobb stalking stars or as an extra, check out Red Sky Tapas and Casa Bella, a great home decor and gift store.